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Interracial Singles Meetup is one of the fastest growing cooperative online-dating websites in the world. This growth is driven by the totally unique partner concept and range of services that we provide, that are unmatched in this industry. Our main goals is to provide you with an upscale quality experience giving you the best chances of meeting men or women with similar interest from other cultures or nationalities.

Our state-of-the-art step-by-step systems help existing or new dating-sites gain access to a large data-base of members, improve the quality and flexibility of their website and provide outstanding back office services, such as administration, registration, payment, management and reporting. All running costs of our partners are covered by us, as are all set-up and administrative expenditures.

We’re here to tailor to particular interests, hobbies, or clearly specified member needs. However, this can only be truly successful if managed via a large worldwide group (network) of sites like ourselves, dedicated to working to the same objectives and sharing the same growing client database.

Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to empower MILLIONS of singles to come together as one in the community that we have created. Your only one step away from meeting the person of your dreams. If you change your mind, you will change your life!

Our Philosophy

We believe that relationships are EVERYTHING! According to Harvard University, 85 percent of your happiness and fulfillment in life is associated with other people. Your ideal mate is out there…right here, right now!


Meet  Our Team

Mr. Sharp Game


He’s a dynamic consultant and a writer who is dedicated to helping men become more attractive to women. After traveling and meeting women for over a decade he decided to pursue his life passion by writing and building communities.


Kelly Jones

Digital Media Expert

She’s a proven leader within the digital space and her core objectives are to boost the company’s digital strategy, while cultivating more competitive, engaging platform experiences to attract a broader, ever-growing audience.



Director of Marketing

She’s a japanese woman married, passionate about using the social media networks in order to make this community a BETTER place EVERYDAY.


Questions or concerns?

Feel free to write us if you have any questions, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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